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Application FAQs

Do I need to submit an official transcript for my Robertson Program application?
No. However, you will need to be able to provide certain details from your transcript in the application (e.g., GPA, SAT/ACT, AP/IB scores). In addition, you must submit an official transcript as part of your university admissions application to Duke and/or UNC.
Are standardized tests required to apply?

The Robertson Scholars online application requires students to report either their SAT or ACT scores. Students may choose to report both scores. SAT Subject tests are not required though students may choose to report these scores as well.

We require official score reports from the testing agencies. Our code for SAT is 9065, the code for ACT is 1813.

Who should I ask to write a letter of recommendation for me?
  • We require 2 letters of recommendation for each applicant
  • At least one recommender should be a teacher who has seen you in a classroom setting
  • The second recommender may be anyone who can speak to your leadership and character (teacher, coach, counselor, job/volunteer supervisor, research mentor, etc)
  • Recommendations from family members, family friends, and peers are not encouraged
  • You will be asked to submit the names and email addresses of your recommenders in the online application. Your recommender will then receive an email that contains a request to submit a recommendation and a link to the online recommendation form.
Do I have to apply Early Decision/Early Action or Regular Decision in order to be considered for the Robertson?
You may apply either Early Decision or Regular Decision to Duke, or Early Action or Regular Decision to UNC-Chapel Hill. As long as you apply for first-year undergraduate admission to  one or both of these universities, you are eligible to apply for the Robertson.
Do I have to complete my Duke or UNC-Chapel Hill application BEFORE I submit the Robertson application?

No. Your Robertson application needs to be submitted by the Robertson deadline. Your Duke and/or UNC admissions applications should abide by the respective institution’s application deadlines.

Can I edit my application after it has been submitted?

No. Once an application has been submitted you may not edit it in any way. 

Will the Robertson Selection Committee have access to my Duke or UNC-Chapel Hill Common Applications?
We will primarily evaluate students based on the Robertson online application. While we will see students’ Duke and/or UNC applications later in the process, we recommend including all critical information in the Robertson application since the first round of decisions is made without reference to the university applications. As such, students may duplicate essays if they choose, as long the essays answer our specific questions on the online application.
Do I have to apply to both Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill to be considered for the Robertson Program?
Students must apply to one or both of the schools to be considered for the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program. For example: a student who applies to both universities will be considered for the Robertson at both universities, whereas a student who applies only to UNC-Chapel Hill will only be considered at UNC-Chapel Hill.
A student cannot receive the Robertson if they are not granted admission by either UNC-Chapel Hill or Duke.
Can I be considered for the Robertson Program at both Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill?
Yes. A student who completes admission applications to both Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill can be considered for the Robertson Program at both schools. However, because the Robertson Program’s selection processes at Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill are independent of one another, a student who applies to both universities will be considered separately by the two Robertson selection committees and may or may not be selected for further consideration as a Robertson candidate based on the applicant pool at each university. Students may be named as Finalists for the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program at both schools.
If a student applies for the Morehead-Cain at UNC, they may not apply for the Robertson at UNC, but may still apply for the Robertson at Duke. 
How can I send updates?

We will accept up to one update per application. You should only send an update if you have received a significant award, recognition or achievement. We will not accept additional letters of recommendation or updated transcripts. Updates must be sent to

Do North Carolina residents receive special consideration for the Robertson Program?
No. All students are considered equally regardless of their state or country of residence.
Can I apply for The Robertson if I apply Early Decision to another school?
Yes. We allow students to apply for The Robertson even if they elect to apply Early Decision to another institution. We do ask that you let us know immediately if you are admitted under a binding agreement to an institution other than Duke or UNC-Chapel Hill.
What are the financial benefits of the Robertson?

The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program provides eight semesters of full tuition, room and board, and most mandatory fees for Scholars at Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill. Scholars also have access to generous funding for up to three summer experiences, funding for conferences throughout the academic year, and for two semesters of study abroad.

Please contact with any further questions. Thank you!

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