Update 4/6/2020 

  • Community Summer mentors and homeowners are being informed 4/6/2020 that Robertsons will not be on-site for Community Summer.  We are determining which positions are available for a remote experience.
  • The opportunities below have not been updated. We haven't talked to all the mentors yet.
  • Victor's position will not be filled, so Vicki is working on summer checks and housing contracts.
  • Some of you filled out the Community Summer Preferences survey in a limited way.  For example, if you want to learn about only one or two specific topics, it's unlikely that we'll be able to match to a position that offers that opportunity.

Scholars use this page along with Summer updates provided by email and in the Robertson Bulletin.

For Summer 2020, first, read the Community Summer Description 2020Most positions in Edgecombe County/Tarboro, the MS Delta, and New Orleans begin on or about June 1 and last eight weeks.  A few are longer (e.g., Orleans Public Defenders, Peacemakers Freedom School, and Sunflower County Freedom Project). Positions in Whitesburg begin mid-May and last until mid-July.

Second, below is a list of Community Summer positions. Details for some positions are pending.  Read about Scholars' experiences on Robertson Connect. We have included some of the information from Connect on the reviews links below.  You can read The Daily Yonder to learn about issues facing our rural communities.

Here's the handout from the Summer Showcase 11/24/2019. This Transferable Skills Worksheet will help you articulate the skills you have and plan for skills you want to gain through Summers.

Community Summer 2019 documentaries are temporarily available here.  The older documentaries are available upon request.
Mississippi Delta
Tarboro, NC  (from 2018--2019 will be available soon)
New Orleans, LA
Whitesburg, KY

Let Vicki Stocking know if you have difficulties with this page.
(last updated 3/24/2020)

Appalachian Citizens Law Center--NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR 2020

*Appalachian Citizens' Law Center.  2020 will be the first year a Scholar will work full-time with ACLC.  description

  • Amanda Padden, 2022
Appalshop/WMMT/Seedtime Festival--NO NEW INFO ABOUT 2020

*Appalshop- Seedtime Festival & WMMT   reviews   job description 2020

  • Theo Holt, 2022
  • Mikey Muller, 2021; Stephen Buys, 2020
  • Kat Tan, 2019; Kya Sorli, 2018; Arjun Raghavan & Nate Wagner, 2017; Joe Calder, 2016; Spencer Dahl, 2015; Ben Barge, 2013
Breakthrough Collaborative - New Orleans--STILL AVAILABLE 2020

Breakthrough Collaborative--New Orleans   reviews You must have permission from Vicki to apply.  Let her know by 12/15 if you want to apply; you will be notified 12/16.  A meeting with Vicki is strongly recommended.  Application due to Breakthrough 1/16/20   Summer work dates will be 5/26-7/25/2020.   still available for 2020

  • Nicolas Pardo, 2023
  • De'Ivyion Drew, Montana Lee, 2022
  • Patrick Clinch & Ben Keegan, 2021
  • Sydney Adams, Brock Schoenwald, Becca Sullenger, Brooke Porter, 2020

Henry Feng, Gentry Fitch, Matthew Kaplan, Mia King,  2019; Persis Bhadha, Eric Qian, Cait Rosica, 2018; Mark Dawson & Sofia Stafford, 2017; Pranav Haravu & Sowmya Mangipudi, 2016; James Collier & Katie Jordan, 2015; Ned Hardison, Aaron Lutkowitz, & Thomas Pendlebury, 2014

Center for Rural Strategies--STILL AVAILABLE FOR 2020

Center for Rural Strategies    reviews  job description 2020  

Read this from the Executive Director of CRS.  This position includes working with the Daily Yonder.  Read this article on media porn.  Read this about Stefanie Feldman (Duke '10), whose summer with CRS set her on a policy path including law school and years of working with Joe Biden. She is now on the board of CRS.

  • Mikhal Ben-Joseph, 2023
  • Charlie Zong, 2022
  • Merrit Jones, 2021
  • Rose Farah & Beza Gebramariam, 2020
  • Vishnu Ramanchandran, 2019; Claire Boyd & Emily Goldstein, 2018; Abby Gay & Savannah Wooten, 2017; Nadine Goldberg, 2016; Jefferson Sinclair, 2015; Alex Bloedel, 2014; Travis Crayton, 2013; Lauren Linn, 2011;  Stefanie Feldman, 2010
Delta Arts Alliance--STILL AVAILABLE FOR 2020

Delta Arts Alliance   reviews   job descriptions for two positions   Send brief letter of interest to Vicki (stocking@robertsonscholars.org) by 2/28/2020

  • Lilly Clark & Matt Sullivan, 2022
  • Kyle Ryan & Allayne Thomas, 2021
  • Nonnie Egbuna, 2020
  • Brennan Lewis, 2019; Sydney McAuliffe, 2018; Christina Schmidt, 2017
Delta Center for Culture and Learning--STILL AVAILABLE FOR 2020

Delta Center for Culture and Learning  reviews updated draft job description 2020    Scholars' (amazing) portfolios  

  • Carsten Pran & Kamryn Washington, 2022
  • Lawton Ives & Jake Sheridan, 2021
  • Peter Andringa & Cara Price, 2020
  • Kyra Extervich-Rubin & Trey Walk, 2019; Brady Gilliam & Amy Kramer, 2018; Anna Mukamal & Andrew Tan-Delli Cicchi, 2017; Rachel Anderson, 2016; Minhazul Islam, 2015; John Guzek, 2014; Jessica Broadus & Tori Wilmarth, 2013; Hilary Henry & Amir Malek, 2012; Ken Lee, 2011; Kristin Hill & David Sneed, 2009
Dress for Success New Orleans--PROBABLY NOT AVAILABLE FOR 2020

Dress for Success New Orleans  reviews  job description and instructions 2020 

  • Clare Love & Niharika Vattikonda, 2022
  • Mary Ashley Murrah, 2021
  • Annie Dempsey, 2020
  • Myla Swallow, 2019; Alexandra Hehlen, 2018
Edgecombe County Health Department/Outreach and Evaluation Intern--STILL AVAILABLE 2020
Edgecombe County Public Schools STILL AVAILABLE FOR 2020

Edgecombe County Public Schools        Eastern NC Internship Program

This is brand new and we have few details.  There may be one position working with the HR department at a school, one working with curriculum at a school, and one working to help prepare the high school football players for college.  Let Vicki know if you're interested.

Edgecombe County Tourism Development Authority
Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine--POSSIBLY NO LONGER AVAILABLE 2020

Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine reviews   job description and instructions 2020
Update for 2020: Vicki is talking with the new mentor to create a job description for a grant writer 2/10/2020.  This will be very different from the previous positions.

  • Serenity Bennett, 2023
  • Brady Hanshaw & Anshu Mohan, 2022
  • Meghana Iragavarapu, 2021
  • Samia Daghestani, 2020
GRAMMY Museum Mississippi--STILL AVAILABLE FOR 2020

*GRAMMY Museum Mississippi  reviews  2 positions--job description 2020   Interested Scholars send a resume and brief letter of interest to stocking@robertsonscholars.org by February 28.

  • Jemma Frost & Bennett Stillerman, 2022
  • Antonia Young, 2021
Habitat for Humanity New Orleans--NO NEW INFO FOR 2020--CAN't REACH MENTOR

Habitat for Humanity, New Orleans area reviews   volunteer guide    FAQs   working on 2020 materials now--one person must have a car

  • Kalley Huang & Joel Kim, 2022
  • Zoe King and Mary Laci Motley, 2021
  • Cameron Beach & Tom Wanty, 2020
  • Erica Johnson & Duncan Parsons, 2019
Hazard Trial Office, Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy--NO NEW INFO FOR 2020 BUT OPTIMISTIC THIS IS STILL ON

*Hazard Trial Office, Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy reviews   job description and instructions  

  • Weston Lindner & Elise van den Hoek, 2022
  • Leland Ben, 2021
  • Georgia Lala, 2020
  • Jermaine Bryant, 2019; Josh Neuhaus, 2018; Frank Jiang, 2017
HOMES (Housing Oriented Ministries Established for Service)--STILL ON FOR 2020
Letcher County Culture Hub--STILL ON FOR 2020

Letcher County Culture Hub   reviews  job description and instructions Apply by 2/20/2020

  • Rachel Maunus, 2022
  • Clare Bradshaw, 2021
Michael's Angels Girls Club --STILL ON FOR 2020

Michael's Angels        Eastern NC Internship Program

  • Michelle Nandi (UNC ‘21)

Youth club for young girls in Tarboro, NC and its surrounding areas.  Requires: high energy, independence, patience

Orleans Public Defenders--NO NEW INFO--CANNOT REACH MENTOR

Orleans Public Defenders reviews  job description and instructions 2020  You must have permission from Vicki to apply.  Let Vicki know by 12/15 that you want to apply; you will be notified by 12/16 if you have permission.  A meeting with Vicki is strongly recommended.  Application deadline 1/6/20. Dates will be 6/1-8/7/20.

  • Watch this from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and  read this
  • Jose Hernandez and Kendra Tse, 2023
  • Sam Zahn, 2022
  • A. G. Chancellor & Gramal Ralph, 2021; Evan Rodgers & Priya Sridhar, 2020
  • Kalif Jeremiah, Ellie Rodriguez, Elle Winfield & Daya Uppal, 2019; Andre Domingues & Jackson Skeen, 2018; Hunter Baehren & David Spratte, 2017; Daniel Lim, 2016;  Emelyn Erickson & Joyce Lau, 2015
Rural Opportunity Institute/ Research Intern--STILL ON FOR 2020
St. Gabriel's Mercy Center--STILL ON FOR 2020

St. Gabriel's Mercy Center   reviews job description 2020  

Rachael Murtagh & Visrut Sudhakar, 2019; Ben Ayto, Lizzy Zhao, & Liv Linn, 2018; Virginia Hamilton & Jacob Olliffe, 2017; James Smith, 2016; Julian Borrey & Minali Nigam, & Loren Shealey, 2015; Deo Fagnisse, Daniel Strunk, & Kat Zhang, 2014; Tom Atwood, Antonio Jackson, & Yesi Pedro Vicente, 2013; Josh Evans, Braveen Ragununthan, & Nina Woolley, 2012; Amanda Johnson & Robyn Levine, 2011 ; Desiree Lagrappe & Winn Seay, 2010

Sunflower County Freedom Project--STILL ON FOR 2020

*Sunflower County Freedom Project  reviews  job descriptions Dates 5/21-7/27/20
Let Vicki know by 12/15 if you want to apply; you will be notified 12/16.  Applications due 2/3/20.

  • Sarah Zimmerman, 2023
  • Tamira Daniely, Bennett David, & Ruth Fetaw, 2022
  • Liza Becker, Adam Enggasser, Naraya Price, 2021
  • Trenton Bricken, Rasheca Logendran, Aakash Thumaty, 2020
  • Ray Pryor, Rohan Sheth, Scott Emmons, 2019; Maya Durvasala, Matthew King, Chinmay Pandit, & Chandler Phillips, 2018; Sebastian Baquerizo, Brooke Davies, & Griffin Unger, 2017; Joanna Kuang, Mehul Mehta, & Jacob Rosenberg, 2016; Dolly Adelekun & Oren Bukspan, 2015; Margaret Brown, Blake O'Connor, & Jacob Robinson, 2014; Jake Lerner, Jagir Patel, & Lexi Wallace, 2013; Matthew Clayton, Erin Convery, Kimi Goffe, & Alison Kibbe, 2012; Chris Clayman & Alexis Dennis, 2011; Joseph Long, 2010; Lily Kurland, 2009
Vidant Health Care Advance Planning--STILL ON FOR 2020

Vidant Health Advance Care Planning  reviews   job description and application  ENCIP Watch this

  • Olivia Olsher, 2022
  • Adam Ushpol, 2021
  • Divya Mahesh, 2020
Voice of the Experienced (VOTE) VICKI EMAILED 3/25

SUMMER 2019 Logistics

Memo of Understanding Complete this with your Mentor and return to Meera Jayaraman by June 17, 2019.

Mississippi Delta

Mississippi Delta

  • Ms. Lee Aylward and Dr. Rolando Herts at the Delta Center connected us to this house at 600 West Sunflower Rd Cleveland MS 38732. House is available 5/22-8/1/19.
  • We have a rented storage unit that has furniture, household items, etc.  McNeer Mini-Storage is at 111 Ronaldman Road in Cleveland; Unit 1842; entry code 9206*; combination 27-37-23.

Some Readings:

  • Cobb, J. C. (1992). The Most Southern Place on Earth: The Mississippi Delta and the Roots of Regional Identity. NY: Oxford University Press.
  • Kunzru, H. (2017). The Blues Still Stand for AuthenticityThe Guardian.
  • Moye, J. T. (2004). Let the People Decide: Black Freedom and White Resistance Movements in Sunflower County, Mississippi, 1945-1986. Chapel Hill: UNC Press.
New Orleans
  • Dawn Wheelahan is the homeowner (dwheelahan@gmail.com) of 1614 Valmont St and is a fantastic resource for all Robertsons. House available 5/31-7/31/2019.
  • There is one parking spot in the garage and plenty on the street.
  • 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms. The house is furnished, including bath and bed linens, kitchen cookware/dishware/utensils, and clothes washers and dryers.

2223 Soniat Street  House available 5/26-7/27/2019. Will accommodate 5 Scholars.

Tarboro, NC

Scholars live in a cozy home at 111 West Church Street. The house will be available June and July until Freedom School ends early August.

Some readings:

  • Read about disaster recovery in Edgecombe County here and here.
Whitesburg, Kentucky
  • Two houses: 100 Bridge Street and 36 Vermillion Avenue, Whitesburg, KY 41858; the second is. Delta Craft will be your contact--(606) 633-5987.  The houses include kitchenware and linens. Available mid-May to end of July.

Scholars who fly generally go into the Tri-Cities Regional Airport.  Older Scholars will have good tips about travel.

Some readings:

Mental Health Resources

These are some nontraditional options that other Scholars have found helpful. It’s not a comprehensive list, but these have helped students move in the right direction with mental health.

BetterHelp: This app matches you with a licensed counselor for a long-term or short-term counseling relationship over the Internet. You can write in messages and receive answers, and schedule a phone call or video session. $40 - $70 a week.

Talkspace: Another app that matches you with a licensed counselor to reach out to 1-2 times a day, with the ability to add a video chat. Begins at $49 a week.

7Cups*: The free version of this app connects you to caring listeners (who aren’t professionals) for emotional support. The paid version (with professionals) starts at $33/week.

What’s Up?*: This app uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) methods and gives you strategies to ground yourself and cope.

Mood Kit*: Uses a foundation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and provides users with over 200 mood improvement activities.

*= Not a professional healthcare provider.

Readings on the American South: History, Politics, Economics, and Civil Rights
  • Branch, T. (2013). The King Years: Historic Moments in the Civil Rights Movement. NY: Simon and Schuster.
  • Ferris, W. (2013). The Storied South: Voices of Writers and Artists. Chapel Hill: UNC Press.
  • Lewis, J. & A. Aydin. (2013). March, Book One and (2015) March, Book Two. Marietta, GA: Top Shelf Productions.
  • McNally, D. (2014). On Highway 61: Music, Race, and the Evolution of Cultural Freedom. Berkeley, CA: Counterpoint Press.

Wilson, C. R., & W. Ferris (Eds.) (1989). Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. Chapel Hill: UNC Press.  TOC and chapter openings here

Recent Positions Not Available or Filled for Summer 2020

AID Atlanta  Lauren Winston, 2014; Abby DelBianco, 2013

APPAL-Tree/Cowan Community Action Group/ Cowan Community Center/Community Agricultural and Nutritional Enterprises (CANE)/Cowan Creek Mountain Music School /Kids on the Creek Camps /Whitesburg Farmers Market/ Levitt-Amp Concert Series   reviews Josie Fulton & Amanda Padden, 2022; Sierra Winters, 2021;Kameron Sedigh, 2020; Lucy Best & George Elliott, 2019; Henrik Cox & McNair Mitchener, 2018; Graham Adeson, 2017; Jamal Edwards, 2016; Lydia Thurman, 2015; Eli Hornstein, 2014

Appalshop/Sitting on Top of the World  Sumeet Padwardhan, 2017; Sophia Sennett, 2016; Ben Hatt, 2015; Hunter Douglas, 2013; Emma Miller, 2012; Ryan Brown, 2011

Ashe Cultural Arts Center  Fridah Mbwaya, 2022 reviews

Atlanta Childrens Shelter Brenna Cukier, 2015; Lex Janes, 2011; Daron Sharps, 2010.

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity Ryan Boone, 2013; Spencer Kuzmier, 2012;  Michael Althoff & Eric Anderson, 2010

Audubon Institute Jacob Key, 2022; Matt Smith and Brandon Wacaser, 2021; Harry Elworthy & Noah Mancuso, 2019; Philip Howard & Sam Kelly, 2018; Nick Johnston, 2017; Michael Yang, 2016; Krissi Fajgenbaum, 2015 

Belle Reve Annie Evans, 2021; Annie Gonzales, 2020; Forest Cummings-Taylor, 2019; Miriam Singer, 2018; Muna Yussuf, 2017; Annie Helbling, 2014; Soroush Pour, 2014; Olly Wilson, 2012; Anthony Sawyer, 2010  reviews

Bolivar Medical Center/Steven Clark, M.D. Rimel Mwamba, 2018; Kenneth Barshop, 2012; Eric Butter, 2011

Breakthrough Collaborative Atlanta Zack Tracer, 2011;  Nandini Kumar, 2010

Cafe Reconcile  Ian Muriuki, 2018; Chi-Chi Amanze, 2017; Evan Lumbra, 2016; Woojin Kim, 2015; Andrew Sugrue, 2011

Center for Employment Opportunities  Tafadzwa Matika, 2016

City of Cleveland MS, City Planning Office  Mark Botterill, 2017

Cowan Creek Community Center and Music School Shafali Jalota, 2017

Coopwood Communications Jaclyn Lee & Tierney Maray, 2017

Crescent City Farmers Market Chaya Bhat, 2019; Maire Amlicke, 2018; Elle Wilson, 2017; Tom Cole, 2016; Caroline Leland, 2015; Alik Belokopytov, 2014; Caitlin Nettleton, 2013; Austin Stanion, 2012; Liz Deane, 2011

Delta Music Institute  reviews Warner Lamar, 2021; Michael Zhang, 2020

Delta Players Sanmi Oyenuga, 2017

ENCIP Conetoe Family Life Center and Community Farm Emily Kian, Matt Schaefer, 2020

ENCIP Edgecombe County Public Schools Innovation  Serena Lim-Strutt, 2021

ENCIP Edgecombe County Manager's Office Joseph Touma, 2021

ENCIP Michael's Angels Girls Empowerment Program Michelle Nandi, 2021

ENCIP Town of Tarboro/Tarboro Development Corporation/Communications Intern   new for 2019

ENCIP Tarboro Mental Health Advocacy   new for 2019  focus on employment issues sponsored by Tarboro Pediatric Psychiatry

Environmental Defense Fund Anne Burke Baldridge, AJ Hatzis , & Fedor Kossakovski, 2016

Georgia Justice Project James Band, 2016; Paige Muggeridge, 2015; Caiti Slattery, 2014; Victoria Bennett, 2013; Jennifer Paxton, 2012; Joy Lampkin, 2011; Chetan Jhaveri, 2009; Carson Denny, 200

Good Work Network reviews  Nate Miller, 2021; Christina Boghosian, 2020; Sreya Atluri, 2019; Andrew Brennen & Ogechi Onyeka, 2018; Kasper Kubica & Monique LaBorde, 2017; Devin Solanki, 2016; John Bowman, 2015; Wilson Orr, 2014; Joyce Yu,  2013; Caroline Fairchild, 2012; Tim Thomson, 2011

Gulf Restoration Network Eliza Harrison, 2019; Nari Ely, Moe Long, & Megan Morikawa, 2012.

Hagar's House  Hannah Godefa, 2019

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and Headwaters   Ian Jaffe, 2019; Michelle Moffa, 2018; Ajeet Hansra, 2014; Elizabeth Lynch, 2013; Stella Dee, 2012

Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools  Diandra Dwyer, 2018; Sarah Rutherford, 2015; Alpha Tessema, 2013; Jennifer Zwilling, 2012

Liberty City CDC Catalina Berenblum, 2019; Philip Moss & Matthew Waller, 2018; Robert Sewell, 2014; Harrison Hines, 2012.

Liberty's Kitchen Ben Boyd, 2018; Brent Comstock & Kassra Homaifar, 2017

Mississippi Summer Arts Institute, Bologna Performing Arts Center, Rachel Freedman, 2017; Amit Dodani, 2019

Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation, Wilson Guo, 2019

PAVE Academy  Dimeji Abidoye & Tom Prebble, 2016

Peacemakers Freedom Schools/Teacher    reviews     ENCIP Anjali Gupta & Naira Ikram, 2022; Hanna Watson, 2020
Refugee Family Services Abdul Latif & Grace Oathout, 2016; Jillian Froelick & Gift Nyikayaramba, 2015;  Kelsey Woodford, 2013; Bernard Worthy, 2010; Kiley Robbins, 2009; Alex Snider, 2008

Wiljax Gallery for Southern Photography  Charlotte McKay, 2017