Update 2/3/2021

As we wait for confirmation from the universities about what kinds of activities will be possible for Summer 2021, we will focus efforts on identifying and creating remote and local opportunities that will not require travel.  This page will be updated frequently.

Duke shared their guidelines 1/28. Staff are working out implications now.

The Exploration and Launch Summer Resource page contains forms for submitting proposals, Mentors and Coaches, and other required information.

Exploration Summer:
November 6  Name Exploration Mentor
December 1   First proposal draft
January 20     Second proposal draft
March 1         Third proposal draft + budget
April 12          Final proposal draft + budget

Launch Summer:
December 1   Record conversation with Robertson Alum
January 20     Name Launch Coach
March 5         First proposal draft + budget
April 12          Final proposal draft + budget

Thank you for your patience and creativity.



Opportunities for Summer 2021. We are posting these as they come to us--this is not meant to be an endorsement.

Duke published this excellent list of summer opportunities.   Not just for Duke students!

Bellwether Education Partners  remote summer internships in ed policy. Applications due mid-February.
Carolina Center for Public Service  summer internships
Chegg Internships
Community Empowerment Fund (CEF) Summer Internships. Job description is here.  Part-Time Interns work 12-16 hours/week, unpaid. Full-Time Interns work 35 hours/week for $10/hour. Applications due 1/24/21.  Kalley Huang (2022) works with CEF and highly recommends it!
PEAK6, a fin tech firm where Abigail Gay (UNC ’17) works, has summer internships.  She recommends their Finance Boot Camp.
RTI International has an outstanding internship program. Check the dates on this list carefully-some are for summer, and more will be added over the next few months.
SimplyHired, such as IQVIA Business Analyst Intern  Strategy Analyst Internship at Triangle Insights Group or eCommerce and Gaming at Lenovo.
Student Action with Farmworkers has a fantastic summer internship program. Vicki was on SAF's board for years and is a big fan. Application deadline 2/4/21.
US Rep David Price is looking for paid summer interns.  Deadline 3/5/2021.


Remote Opportunities from Robertson Alumni
This list includes details about the following:

  • Andrew Hollar: food, health, startups
  • Paula Kweskin: women's storytelling and global women's rights
  • Mark Laabs: innovative energy strategies and rare cancer research (two companies!)
  • Chris Paul: COVID and food insecurity
  • Scott Spillman: Colorado history, politics, culture; research and publishing

These Community Summer partners want to work remotely (or in person) with Robertsons of any age.


NOT UPDATED FOR 2021:  These Community Summer partners want to work remotely with Robertsons of any age.

Delta Arts Alliance 

Delta Center for Culture and Learning  projects

Rural Opportunity Institute


NOT UPDATED FOR 2021: Remote Opportunities from Robertson Alumni

Jakob Blomqvist (2014) has brought these internship opportunities from his colleagues at Harvard Business School:

Conservation X Labs  from Sam Kelly and Henrik Cox (2018)!    summer projects

Peace First projects from Brennan Lewis (2019)   Details coming soon.  Such good work!

Rural Opportunity Institute with ENCIP from Caroline Leland (2015)

Second Day has this list of summer projects--brought to us from Joanna Kuang (2016)


Remote Opportunities and Activities not available for Summer 2021

Check this list of NC internships from the NC COVID-19 Student Response Corps   (not available for 2021)

Carbon 180 virtual internship  (not available for 2021)

Center for Responsible Travel  (spring internships. Deadline 11/2020)

Global Volunteers International Online  Two Scholars worked with elephants in Thailand through this group--it's great! (international travel. unlikely for 2021)