Scholar Profiles

Ruth Fetaw

Campus: UNC
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
High School: Rufus King International High School

My experience as an immigrant, coming from one of the most impoverished countries in the world, contribute to my work ethic and community involvement. I was born in Bergamo, Italy, seventeen years ago. My parents are from a small country in East Africa, Eritrea. My culture is something that separates me from others and helps me stand out proudly. This aspect of my life is so important because it is not only my entire identity, but it has shaped my understanding of who I am and the foundation laid by my ancestors. I come from a place of humility, privilege of knowing my lineage, and encouragement. I still believe it takes a village to raise a child , thus I tackle every lesson with conviction and support the individuals in my life tirelessly. I believe being raised in America with my East African origin gives myself a unique opportunity to provide a different perspective to the conversation. I hold a better understanding of the struggle of immigrants and sympathy for those aiming to provide a better life for their families in a system that fails to acknowledge them.

In Eritrea, there is mass poverty and a lack of sufficient health care. As a future health provider, I want to be a symbol of representation for immigrants. I hope to provide my patients with a unique style of comfort and compassion as I believe that no matter someone’s circumstance, healthcare should not a privilege, but a universal right.

What drew you to the Robertson Program? 

For myself, coming across the Robertson Program was a blessing in disguise. While I searched for options to relieve myself and my parents of the financial burden that college usually brings, I couldn’t believe that this program existed. I know that the Robertson Program strives to create innovators and I aspire to expand the boundaries that are set by other individuals. With the opportunity to take classes and be in enriching spaces at UNC and Duke, I know that the relationships and actions I make will greatly set the course for my future successes. This program is truly one of a kind.This community of scholars are exceptional and I believe this program will challenge me to be a better leader for myself, my peers and act as a catalyst for community improvement throughout the world.

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